Dryer Vent Squad of San Antonio – Our Latest Franchise Location

Dryer Vent Squad is happy to announce that it has opened a new Dryer Vent Squad franchise location in San Antonio, TX.

Dryer Vent Squad of San Antonio has been awarded to local entrepreneur David Kboudi and his daughter Stacy, two very well-respected and well-known locals that are involved in the community and know the ins-and-outs of the San Antonio landscape.

Dryer Vent Squad Franchise Owners

The Dryer Vent Squad franchise is a complete mobile business that is easily recognized on the streets with its branded vans, providing the local community with top-notch dryer vent cleaning and repairs, using the latest high-tech air tools to clean and clear away the lint and all particle buildups in your dryer vent, thus ensuring a healthy, clean and fresh home.

I am very excited to serve the people in San Antonio with the Dryer Vent Squad concept”, said proud new owner Stacy Kboudi. “This is a service that is desperately needed in our area, and I am looking forward to bring the Dryer Vent Squad commitment to the local, working hard to earn the respect of the community and providing them with this valuable service”.

The National Fire Protection Association reports that One in every Twenty-Two fires in homes, start from the dryer vent. By not properly maintaining your dryer vent and allowing to get clogged with lint, the dryer will work harder to push and release the hot moist air, forcing it to a potential overheat and resulting in fire to the house, extra time to wash your laundry, more money for your energy use, releasing hot moist air into the house, creating mold and dust and potential leakage of carbon monoxide.

“Opening a new Dryer Vent Squad location is very exciting, but finding quality owners like David and Stacy is exhilarating”, said Kari Denton, Chief Operating Officer. “From the very first moment I met David and Stacy, I knew that these are the guys that would be a great fit for us, and the more we spoke the better I felt about it, so I am very excited and looking forward to the future of Dryer Vent Squad of San Antonio”.

About Dryer Vent Squad

Dryer Vent Squad started the franchise offering in 2019 and quickly became a name associated with quality, commitment, hard-work and customer service. DRYER VENT SQUAD has one mission, and that is to make sure that your home is healthy and safe. Unclean dryer vents cause waste of energy, mold and mildew, terrible air quality in your home and an increased risk of a home fire.
For more information about Dryer Vent Squad of San Antonio or to learn how you can become a local franchise owner in your neck of the woods, please visit us at DryerVentSquad.com or call us at 888.DRYER-04

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